Surfing Sidi Ifni: A fabulous right hander point break waiting for you!!!!

Sidi Ifni Surf:

A great surf spot in Sidi Ifni

Where the surf never gets small: Sidi Ifni Morocco

Sidi Ifni is a great right hander located south at 2 hour drive south  of Taghazout Morocco, in the heart of the city of Sidi Ifni

The surf spot in Sidi Ifni is in the main beach, and is a great right hander that peals on a boulder beach bottom. The wave of Sidi Ifni has some airs of Trestles (In Morocco), and is an A Frame that breaks out the back, with certainly better rights than lefts.

Sidi Ifni Right Hander

The left Hander behind Sidi Ifni Harbor

Behide the harbor of Sidi Ifni Morocco, stands an other great wave, The famous left hander, that all surfers from Sidi Ifni love to surf when the surf is big. Sidi Ifni in its self, is more known for it's main break but this wave is a great shelter when the swell gets big on the coast of Morocco. It is also the same Beach as the wave that was called Tetrapod by Jerome Sahyoune and his friends 

Sidi Ifni Left

The surf in Sidi Ifni is becoming more and more popular, and some locals are surfing at a good level. Due to the fact that the surf gets difficult in Sidi Ifni when the big swells hit The Moroccan Atlantic coast, we often see Sidi Ifni locals showing up in out lineups around Taghazout.

Surf Travel in Sidi Ifni is not massive yet, and some nice accommodations can be found, such has Hostels, and Hotels or even apartments to stay beachfront or in the center of Sidi Ifni. The 

The city of Sidi Ifni has been a city where the spanish settled in Morocco for a while and left an Airport that is not active at the moment.

Sidi Ifni is a Moroccan city, and you can find all amenities necessary for a surfing holiday in Morocco. Apartments, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals.

Sidi Ifni, a great surf destination in Morocco !!


The 5 best Moroccan surf spots

The 5 best Moroccan surf spots

Morocco is located in the extreme north of Africa, with 3000 Km of coast line, and 2000 Km of it are on the Atlantic Ocean. All along this coast, you can find a multitude of surf spots, from mellow beach breaks, to grinding barrels.
To give you our local insights about best surf spots in the country, here you have our selction of the best Moroccan surf spots :

1- Safi

Wave Type: Point Break   Wave lenght: From 150 to 600 m    Surf level: Experienced

Morning glory at Safi
Safi, the garden, or the head of the cobra as some would call it, is a pure barrel right hander point break. It has been surfed by a hand full of frensh expats living in Morocco in the early 80's, and is today a spot that a lot of pro surfers track on a daily basis. 
Safi is a surf spots located in the city of Safi, with easy access from the top of the hill of SIDI BOUZID. It's a surf spot that only starts working when the big ground swells start to hit the Atlantic coast, and of course is best at low tide, to be able to see the long and top to bottom barrels that made its fame.

2- Anchor Point

Wave Type: Point Break   Wave lenght: From 150 to 800 m    Surf level: Experienced

Anchor point Morocco
Anchor point, Anka, or Madraba is a surf spot located north of the village of Taghazout, and has been a surfing mecca in Morocco for the last 30 years. It was first surfed by a bunch of European and Australian hippy surfers, and has become since then the pelegrimage of every European regukar foter surfer. 
The name of Anchor point came from the old factory right next to it, where the spanish have been fishing for years. 
Taghazout is a great place for surfers for all levels, and anchor point Morocco is the best place to be, great places to stay at Anchor point Morocco

3- The Slab

Wave Type: Reef Break   Wave lenght: From 50 to 150 m    Surf level: kamikaze

Hollow and gnarly Slab!!
The slab or Laboratory as the Moroccan local surfers call it is a GOOD BARREL. It works when it works, and we will keep it like that for this one. It is the reward of who tracks it, and who ever gets this slab, will get some of thebest barrels of his life!!

4- Killer Point 

Wave Type: Point Break   Wave lenght: From 150 to 750 m    Surf level: intermediate to pros

Killer point Morocco perfection

Killer Point Morocco, Killers bay, or Bouiarden as the fisherman call it is a surf spot located north of the village of Taghazout Morocco, right after la source. 
The name killer point comes from the Killer whales that come and swim in this bay in between July and August along the coast of Morocco, and especialy at Killers Bay.
On the good day, killer point is the Moroccan Bells beach, and can offer some of the best surf in Morocco and in the world. I have heard from a friend that Single Fin Uluwatu owner picked up Killer point as one of his best surf spots on earth, WOW.

5- Anza point 

Wave Type: Point Break   Wave lenght: From 150 to 400 m    Surf level: intermediate to pros

Anza Plaka on fire
Anza has been for many years a little locals secret, due to the fact that it was located in front of Moroccan slambs. Since they fixed the used water evacuation pipe, and have started cleaning this beach, more and more surfers are starting to come to the Moroccan trestles as called it Thiago Camarao, or Fabio Gouveia that called Lineakea, the Hawaiian Point break in Morocco.
It is best at high tide, but can also break at other tides depending on wave size. Try it out!! 

Abdelkhalek El Harim, former Moroccan champion surfing Bali Indonesia. Bagus sekali!!

After a brilliant season, surfing all  along the Moroccan coast line, from sandi beach breaks, to leg burning long point breaks, and passing by mutant slabs, abdelkhalek needed some board short surfing, and made his way to Bali Indonesia.

Abdel flying on his way to Bali Shades!!!

After a long way from Morocco to Bali Indonesia, ABDEL came up with some nice shots to give us a little teaser about his Ulutwatu waves and Bali Indonesia bound.

Abdelkhalek el Harim Uluwatu Bali 

Abdelkhalek throwing buckets

 Abdelkhalek didn't miss an epic session, and showed once again his commitement, his love for the surfing, and his eternal smile. At Uluwatu, since his firt days, he was showing some serious surfing, with some deep bottom turns, and a an impressive rail to rail surfing. Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossible, Bingin, Canggu, Keramas, Sanur and other Balinese spots have already had Abdelkhalek El Harim showing some srious surfing out there. Moroccans and Morocco are proud to see one of our best embassadors shredding in Bali Indonesia. Ombak Bagus for one of our favorit Moroccan surfers!!!!! Enjoy the Migoren and the Nasigoren, and the Indonesian and Balinese shades.

Thank you Abdelkhalek El Harim fo rletting us use these photos from your tip!!!


Othman Choufani going BIG at Puerto Escondido Mexico

After a feature in World Surf League for the XXL nominee of the year, Othman Choufani keeps on impressing by heading to Puerto Escondido Mexico for this huge swell.

Othman Choufani Puerto Escondido May 3rd 2015
After a long hold down, where Othman Choufani couldn't desinflate the rescue vest and got hammered by the following waves.He was claiming that it was one of his worst hold downs of his surfing life. Thanks god we got our Moroccan charger safe on this swell!! Congraulations Othman for this Huge session at Puerto Escondido, and for pulling up the Moroccan Flag up and high in the sky!!!

Surfing Puerto Escondido is not an easy thing to do. The surfer has to be prepared mentaly, phisicly and have the right equipement to ride giants. The paddle out from the harbor is along way to where the waves are breaking, and good luck for who ever is facing this beast at over 15 ft.

We love what you do Othman Choufani, keep on riding!!!!! and Chargin!!!!!

Othman Choufani, You're great: GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!


Ramzi Boukhiam surfing Morocco January 2015

Ramzi Boukhiam surfing his Home Breaks!!

Back to the Roots: Surfing Morocco

Ramzi Boukhiam is a local surfer from Agadir, that have surfed his entire life between Agadir and Taghazout breaks going threw his favorite spot in his young age, K11.

During his last surf trip to Morocco, we had the chance to see him rip his local breaks including Anchor point, Killer point, La source and several others on offer around Agadir and Taghazout.

Ramzi Boukhiam is a goofy footer born in the right handers paradise;around Taghazout Morocco, so no wonder where his achievements on his back hand come from. Of course Taghazout right handers!!!

Here is a picture of Ramzi Boukhiam ripping at La source:

Ramzi Boukhiam surfing la source Morocco 

Ramzi Boukhiam: A talented Moroccan surfer

Quicksilver sponsored Ramzi Boukhiam from his young age, and saw that he was a real talent, surfing in a really good play ground, the Morocco waves.
Ramzi Boukhiam Was coached by Hérvé Pignoges and Laurent Miramon, that guided him as much as they could to the right way, and to be able to enjoy more what he does: Surfing Morocco and the world, with a briliant style and power.

Go on Ramzi Boukhiam, we love what you do, and we love your surfing!!

Here is the blog of Ramzi Boukhiam


Moors: Our Moroccan surf brand going International!!!!!

Moors Surfboards Morocco

New Catalogue of Moors surfboards Morocco

We told you a year ago about this new brand to watch, well MOOR"S surfboards and surfwear have been putting together some new things and the brand is showing a new face.

Moors's new brand concept!!

New brand concept of Moors Morocco surfboards 

we have been working on a new brand concept that is something relatively new in the surf business. More brands will be coming with this spirit and we are happy to be among the first to have this spirit at the core of our brand. We have been supported by a top class designer, Hicham Lahlou, who has been awarded many prizes and recognition worldwide for his creativity and style.

MOOR"S concept is to bridge cultures from different genres and thus surfers together. Each and every part of the world has some very specific characteristics and assets that other cultures should get inspiration from in order to improve, this is where we bring our Motto from: When tradition meets innovation, perfromance becomes limitless.

People when getting in touch with our brand and products, they really feel the passion of surf, and the love of nature and people. No one can claim to be better, we are just trying to do our best to bring more good things to the surf community and we have our share of input.

Moors surf boards and surf wear

New product line of moors surfboards Morocco

Check out the new catalogue here

New design and shape of Moors surfboards Morocco

Regarding the boards shape, we have concluded a deal with a well-known shaper, however for marketing reasons we are not disclosing his identity, he will be known as PRODIGY...his boards and shapes will talk for him. Usually it is the shapers that talks for the boards...we are doing things differently.
Our range of surfboards are just great for beginner, intermediate to advance level for some models. They make the surf much easier for people who want to get their first boards in order to improve their riding skills. MOOR'S surfboards are just perfect for riding waves and having fun. Experienced riders will prefer them in summer time rather than standing on their favorite shortboards.
The boards designs are also very attractive and unique. Each board is released in a very limited quantity only.
For the boards technologies, we have now 5 different making techniques: Bamboo technologies, Tuff-Cell Flexlite Technologies, Ride-it-Easy Dura X Lite (durable softboards and soft SUP), Ride-It-Easy by MOOR"S (advanced basic model for softboards), I SUP Technologies (inflatable SUP).

Our R&D team have been working hard to put up all these products. Our team riders (mainly Jerome Sahyoun and Saad Abid) have been very much involved with the improvement of the performance of many products.

We are at this moment developing and testing some crazy ideas...Yes we got to be a bit crazy in order to challenge the statu quo and innovate. Expect some new tings for 2015-2016.

New markets of Moors surfboards Morocco

Since last year, MOOR"S has been opening new doors and new markets are now adopting the brand, among them, Hawaii, France, Spain, Holland, and new key destination are under discussion: Bali, California, South America and Australia.

We are opening cooperation with people who understand and respect our brand culture and concept. We are in favor of organic development with friends of friends getting on board and pushing the brand for the love of its spirit of for the quality of its products. All our new markets have been developed in this way.

Our feed back from the participation to the first Surf Expo in Scheiveningen in the Benelux market was very positive. Local distributors, retailers as well as end customers have welcomed us and been asking to get the brand in the market as soon as possible. We are working on it for 2015.
Our French headquarters are based in a strategic location in the South West near the major surfing spots. We will be able to serve Spain and Portugal from the same platform.
Our partner in Maui/Hawaii, have been coming up with some interesting projects that are moving fast, we will release more info later.

Our first implementaion market, Morocco, keeps on supporting us and giving us a inspiring playground to explore new ideas, new products and to share the passion with all Moroccan riders.

We love what you do, and for sure you have all our support !!


Moor's the first Moroccan surf hardwear brand

Moors started on the Moroccan coast line by a group of surfer friends from Casablanca Morocco, that wanted to make the surfing hardwear available in the Moroccan shops with a very good quality and for an affordable at price. After the brand started, it quickly became an important actor of the industry in Morocco. Moor's surfboards are very popular amongst the surf schools and the surfboards and stand up paddles are a strenght of the brand. Stay tuned, and check out the latest upcoming collection of this brand!!!!

The Moroccan surfing scene is getting more and more develloped, and some surfbrands have been trying in Taghazout and Morocco. Some were successfull as they were doing very good products like Moors surfboards, and some were less as the business concept was not as good the all what came up in Morocco in terms of surfing hardware