Ramzi Boukhiam surfing Morocco January 2015

Ramzi Boukhiam surfing his Home Breaks!!

Back to the Roots: Surfing Morocco

Ramzi Boukhiam is a local surfer from Agadir, that have surfed his entire life between Agadir and Taghazout breaks going threw his favorite spot in his young age, K11.

During his last surf trip to Morocco, we had the chance to see him rip his local breaks including Anchor point, Killer point, La source and several others on offer around Agadir and Taghazout.

Ramzi Boukhiam is a goofy footer born in the right handers paradise;around Taghazout Morocco, so no wonder where his achievements on his back hand come from. Of course Taghazout right handers!!!

Here is a picture of Ramzi Boukhiam ripping at La source:

Ramzi Boukhiam surfing la source Morocco 

Ramzi Boukhiam: A talented Moroccan surfer

Quicksilver sponsored Ramzi Boukhiam from his young age, and saw that he was a real talent, surfing in a really good play ground, the Morocco waves.
Ramzi Boukhiam Was coached by Hérvé Pignoges and Laurent Miramon, that guided him as much as they could to the right way, and to be able to enjoy more what he does: Surfing Morocco and the world, with a briliant style and power.

Go on Ramzi Boukhiam, we love what you do, and we love your surfing!!

Here is the blog of Ramzi Boukhiam