Surfing Sidi Ifni: A fabulous right hander point break waiting for you!!!!

Sidi Ifni Surf:

A great surf spot in Sidi Ifni

Where the surf never gets small: Sidi Ifni Morocco

Sidi Ifni is a great right hander located south at 2 hour drive south  of Taghazout Morocco, in the heart of the city of Sidi Ifni

The surf spot in Sidi Ifni is in the main beach, and is a great right hander that peals on a boulder beach bottom. The wave of Sidi Ifni has some airs of Trestles (In Morocco), and is an A Frame that breaks out the back, with certainly better rights than lefts.

Sidi Ifni Right Hander

The left Hander behind Sidi Ifni Harbor

Behide the harbor of Sidi Ifni Morocco, stands an other great wave, The famous left hander, that all surfers from Sidi Ifni love to surf when the surf is big. Sidi Ifni in its self, is more known for it's main break but this wave is a great shelter when the swell gets big on the coast of Morocco. It is also the same Beach as the wave that was called Tetrapod by Jerome Sahyoune and his friends 

Sidi Ifni Left

The surf in Sidi Ifni is becoming more and more popular, and some locals are surfing at a good level. Due to the fact that the surf gets difficult in Sidi Ifni when the big swells hit The Moroccan Atlantic coast, we often see Sidi Ifni locals showing up in out lineups around Taghazout.

Surf Travel in Sidi Ifni is not massive yet, and some nice accommodations can be found, such has Hostels, and Hotels or even apartments to stay beachfront or in the center of Sidi Ifni. The 

The city of Sidi Ifni has been a city where the spanish settled in Morocco for a while and left an Airport that is not active at the moment.

Sidi Ifni is a Moroccan city, and you can find all amenities necessary for a surfing holiday in Morocco. Apartments, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals.

Sidi Ifni, a great surf destination in Morocco !!