Othman Choufani going BIG at Puerto Escondido Mexico

After a feature in World Surf League for the XXL nominee of the year, Othman Choufani keeps on impressing by heading to Puerto Escondido Mexico for this huge swell.

Othman Choufani Puerto Escondido May 3rd 2015
After a long hold down, where Othman Choufani couldn't desinflate the rescue vest and got hammered by the following waves.He was claiming that it was one of his worst hold downs of his surfing life. Thanks god we got our Moroccan charger safe on this swell!! Congraulations Othman for this Huge session at Puerto Escondido, and for pulling up the Moroccan Flag up and high in the sky!!!

Surfing Puerto Escondido is not an easy thing to do. The surfer has to be prepared mentaly, phisicly and have the right equipement to ride giants. The paddle out from the harbor is along way to where the waves are breaking, and good luck for who ever is facing this beast at over 15 ft.

We love what you do Othman Choufani, keep on riding!!!!! and Chargin!!!!!

Othman Choufani, You're great: GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!