Marock'n Roll: Probably the first Moroccan successfull surf brand

Marock'n'Roll Surf Shop Morocco

The history of Marock'n Roll Surf Shop

Laarbi, used to be the the cool guy that used to hang out with the traveller surfer coming to visit Taghazout, from there he got inspired a lot and decided to start his own surf shop, after beeing succesful in his first business, Making copies of Reef Flip Flops, and trading Moroccan goods with Branded surfwear brought by westerners. Very difficult in the beguinning, he found quiet few difficulties to get the business kick off. The name of his surf shop was: Marock'n Roll.

Marock'n Roll
With a very original logo: a man with a jellaba (Traditional Moroccan out fit) he started selling a lot of localy made t-shirts with very cool designs and phrases. his t-shirts are what made the sucess of his business. Now adays, Marock'n Roll t-shirts are what Bintang T-shirts are for Bali.
Check this surf shop: right next to Café la Paix