Taghazout, a great place to learn to surf

Learn to surf in Taghazout Morocco 

Learn to surf with local experienced surf coaches in Taghazout Morocco 

Since the beguinning of the first decade of the 21st century, a lot of people started learning surfing in Morocco. 

Happy people on the beach
First, it was the more experienced surfers that came to have the longuest ride of there life on the amazing long handers point breaks spread all along our Moroccan Atlantic coast line.

Now a days more and more people come to have there surfind experience in Morocco. Key ingredients: relatively warm water, warm weather and an incredible variety of waves

Beguinners, intermediate and advanced would always find a waves that suits there abilities. From Mellow beachies to fast and heavy slabs. Morocco is an incredible surf park, and Taghazout is its surf Mecca.

Where to learn to surf in Taghazout 

To learn to surf in Taghazout a variety of options are in offer. You can either learn to surf with a surf school or with a surf camp in Taghazout, or just rent a board and go to the beach to catch some of the best waves Morocco has. Either aways, the important is to have fun while learning to surf. of course you will leanr to surf quicker with a surf coach, but you can also learn by your self.