Killer point apartments, probably the best apartments to stay in to surf Taghazout

Killer Point Apartments Taghazout Morocco

Location of Killer point apartments Taghazout Morocco

Killer point apartments are located right in front of the surf spot "La source". This high end resort is in our opinion, the greatest location for a surfing holiday in Taghazout Morocco. Right in front of world famous Killer point and la source at the door steps, these stunning resort is composed of 12 amazing apartments with balconies watching the surf. It is the perfect location for honey mooners adn couples with wifes and girl friends that don't surf. They can stay watching their hubby or boyfriend from a hammock along the swimming pool. It is also a good place for families and groupe of friends.

Killer point apartments, view on La source line up

If staying at the killer point apartments, you can always have a look on the surf to Killer point, La Source, Mysteries and Anchor point. The name of killer point comes from the fact that during the summer months, Killer whales come to this bay to have a rest before they follow there journey.

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