Abdelkhalek El Harim, former Moroccan champion surfing Bali Indonesia. Bagus sekali!!

After a brilliant season, surfing all  along the Moroccan coast line, from sandi beach breaks, to leg burning long point breaks, and passing by mutant slabs, abdelkhalek needed some board short surfing, and made his way to Bali Indonesia.

Abdel flying on his way to Bali Shades!!!

After a long way from Morocco to Bali Indonesia, ABDEL came up with some nice shots to give us a little teaser about his Ulutwatu waves and Bali Indonesia bound.

Abdelkhalek el Harim Uluwatu Bali 

Abdelkhalek throwing buckets

 Abdelkhalek didn't miss an epic session, and showed once again his commitement, his love for the surfing, and his eternal smile. At Uluwatu, since his firt days, he was showing some serious surfing, with some deep bottom turns, and a an impressive rail to rail surfing. Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossible, Bingin, Canggu, Keramas, Sanur and other Balinese spots have already had Abdelkhalek El Harim showing some srious surfing out there. Moroccans and Morocco are proud to see one of our best embassadors shredding in Bali Indonesia. Ombak Bagus for one of our favorit Moroccan surfers!!!!! Enjoy the Migoren and the Nasigoren, and the Indonesian and Balinese shades.

Thank you Abdelkhalek El Harim fo rletting us use these photos from your tip!!!