Moor's the first Moroccan surf hardwear brand

Moors started on the Moroccan coast line by a group of surfer friends from Casablanca Morocco, that wanted to make the surfing hardwear available in the Moroccan shops with a very good quality and for an affordable at price. After the brand started, it quickly became an important actor of the industry in Morocco. Moor's surfboards are very popular amongst the surf schools and the surfboards and stand up paddles are a strenght of the brand. Stay tuned, and check out the latest upcoming collection of this brand!!!!

The Moroccan surfing scene is getting more and more develloped, and some surfbrands have been trying in Taghazout and Morocco. Some were successfull as they were doing very good products like Moors surfboards, and some were less as the business concept was not as good the all what came up in Morocco in terms of surfing hardware