Ramzi Boukhiam: 2nd in the ASP world junior championship in Florianopolis Brazil

Ramzi in Brazil !!

After his 3rd place last year in the Oakley Bali world junior championship, Ramzi Boukhiam Came this year with an expected 2nd place behind Gabriel MEDINA on there last year on the Junior tour.
Ramzi Bouhkhiam Back hand turn in Brazil
With his amazing back hand, powerful surf, Ramzi is ready to conquer the WQS, that he is already doing in the best way, as last september 2013, he won a 6* WQS event. The name of Ramzi Boukhiam was on the highest place of the pedestral in the Zarautz pro, taking over the 1st place.

Morocco is proud to see some of his surfing talents (Ramzi Boukhiam) rank high on the pedestrals in Europe and globaly. Moroccan surfers have tried for years to rank high on the ASP, and here we are having one of Morocco's best surfers that have ever lived bringing some hope to the entire surfing scene in Morocco

We wish you good luck for next season, and see you in the water in your home spot someday soon !!!!