There is also a Desert Point in Morocco

Desert Point Surf Spot Morocco

Desert Point, The legend!!

In the Taghazout area very famous for the multitude of point breaks along its coast, there a world class right hand point break called: Desert Point. That must ring more than one bell since the best left in the world ( a lot of people say so)  is also called like that. The only difference that they are located in different continents and oceans. One of them is located in Taghazout Morocco and the other one is in Lombok Indonesia
Check out this video of desert point on a classique day

Desert Point Morocco surf spot

Desert Point Morocco is located north of the Village of Aghrod, hidden under some cliffs. Its right handers can be seen from the road that goes from Agadir To Essaouira, passing by Taghazout, Aourir and Tamri. It is a very good alternative to go to if the spots around Taghazout like Anchor point, Killer point are way too big, then Desert Point has some nice size long pealing right hander waves. 
Desert Point Morocco works best on Low tide, and with a north West Swell.