Imsouane, probably the longboarders Paradise in Morocco

Imsouane, a Moroccan surfing MUST!!

Imsouane The Bay

Imsouane is a fisherman village located 95 km north of Agadir, that has as a main economical activity fishing, and agriculture. Since few years, it became a famous surfing destination for people aiming to surf during the summer season, and Longboarders. It is a point break on a sandy bottom that breaks on south of the penninsula of Imsouane famous for its 280° of exposure to the sea. It is a wave that break on more that 1km the best days.

Immsouane Cath├ędral

On site, you can find accommodation, surf gear and instruction is needed. Few restaurants are starting to serve some very food, right in front of the spot.
Great experience if caught on good days. Immsouane stay very sensitive to the variation of the sand banks thow