Tan-Tan: Very good spot on its season for surfing in Morocco

Tan-Tan or Tan-Tan,  secret surf escape in Morocco

Tan-tan Morocco: The location

Tan-Tan is a city located south of Morocco, in an area near to the Western Sahara, that is actualy under the Moroccan governement (lets leave politics aside). It's a city that has as a main economical activity, the fishing, just like all the rest of this region of south Morocco, that arrives till Lgouira south.
Tan-Tan surf road sign

Tan-Tan Morocco: The surfing

The surfing in Tan-Tan is located in Tan-Tan plage and some surrounding spots. The Tan-Tan surf scene exists, but have a huge problem of lake of equipement becose they are no surf shops in town and no tourists that come to surf the area and leave there equipement, just like the surfing started in Taghazout and even before in Mehdia Beach further north of Morocco. They are a couple places where you can stay if you are visiting the city of Tan-Tan. There is a surf club in this little town of south Morocco on Elouatia Beach, lead by one of the first Moroccan on the north shore, Echinne, a Moroccan bodyboard legend. Keep an eye on the winds before to go.

Hollow barrek in Louatiya beach Tan-Tan