Binho Nunes became Haj Binho in Morocco!!!!

Binho Nunes surfing Morocco

Binho Nunes from Brazil surfing Morocco

In January 2011, Binho Nunes came with a crew of Brazilians (barca do Binho) to the area of Taghazout, and more specificly to Africa Extrem Surf Camps. One an Epic day at BOILERS, all the kids from the near by village of the unmissible light house of CAP GHIR came around Binho Nunes attracted by his sympaty and constant smile. They called him Haj Binho. He had to hold that nick name during all his stay in Taghazout Morocco.
Binho Nunes, slab around Taghazout
Binho Nunes left Morocco wanting to come back as soon as possible to get some of these square barrels that  amazes the more curious surfers. Morocco is not only Point breaks, it is also intense waves with square barrels