Marco Giorgi, the Uruguayan that rips!!!

Marco Giorgi surfing Morocco

Marco Giorgi Uruguay/Brazil in Morocco

January 6th 2011, a group of Brazilian surfers came to Morocco for a surf trip. Fabio Gouveia, Marcelo Trekinho, Binho Nunes and Marco Giorgi. They had amazing waves and they all enjoyed all what the Moroccan coast line could offer them of different types of EPIC RIGHT HANDERS.
Marco Giorgi dominated what he called the most emotional wave of the trip. He had this epic super deep barrel after a late drop in a wave that has nothing to be intimated from in front of waves like Backdoor or The Box as i've previously heard from people that had surfed all these surf spots.

Marco Giorgi in Labs
Marco GIORGI made the show as all the rest of the "Barca" as called it Binho (also the name of his movie: Barca Do Binho)

Somewhere in Morocco
This a Dedicace to Marco GIORGI, one of the many EPIC RIGHT HANDER POINT BREAK Maroc or Morocco has to offer

Morocco loves the way you surf Marco Giorgi