Mirleft, a great place for the summer months for surfing in Morocco !!!!

Surfing Mirleft Morocco

Surfing Mirleft Insights

Mirleft is a little fisherman village located 150 km south of Agadir, that has been the seen of many resistance during the French and Spanish occupation of Morocco since 1912.
Mirleft down town

It has been developed around fishing, a summer destination for a lot of Moroccan expats in Europe. Nowadays, surfing is starting to become one of the factors of devellopement of the area, already 1 surf school, and a really nice surf camp located 3 km north of Mileft: Aftas Trip.

The left of Imin Tergua beach break Mirleft

The surf spots around mirleft are mainly beach breaks, but some amazing point breaks are to discover in some of the hidden coves around the area.  That is the reason why Jeff Hackman, the co founder of quicksilver and the amazing Australian multibilionair surfer settled in this region. Great Moroccan waves and surf. Good good, and almost no one out

Seabass Mirleft