A video of Greg Long, Rusty Long, Gadauskas and other in an Epic Safi few years ago

Surfing Safi 

Safi surf spot

The wave of Safi is an amazing wave in Morocco, probably the best of Morocco!!! When the perfect conditions are together, the surf spot of the " Garden" in the city of Safi take airs of a mixture of Kirra and J-bay as described it Gary Elkerton.
Here is a video that shows this spot in all its perfection, we love you Safi
Althow it is not a very consistant spot, the spot of Safi gave us many many good times out there!!!

Safi Barrels

For several years already, Safi is known for its very long barrels, super hollow, and fast. Many surfers from around the world dream to surf that wave, and some of them did already. Surfing Safi is an experience of a life time, when it is on, it is ON!!!