Safi, May be the best wave in Morocco

Safi surf Morocco

History of Surfing Safi Morocco

In 1982, Luc Soutif, a surfeur of Pont blondin( north of Casablanca) now living in Reunion Island (his son Yann Soutif is doing good in the Juniors at the moment) was working in the harbor of Safi. While he was back to Casablanca or receiving friends,he used to show the pictures of the perfect surf to his friends, and inviting them to stop to surf with him this jewel

photo in Safi in 1985 by Hérvé pignoche alias ''coach''

Going for there yearly trip to Anchor point, Taghazout. Henry EL Grishi et Hakim KARAM are his 2 first friends to stop by in 1984 to surf this magic wave with him. They surfed a consistant 8 ft swell with no one out.

Photo by the "coach"
Huge flash of the guys for this wave, they started coming to surf it when ever there was a big swell. They rented the house of a belgian expat, where they used to watch the surf from his garden: The origine of the first name of this wave: The Garden

2005, a magical session
since then, many names and many surfers came to surf this wave, to become in 2002, a national park of surfing inaugurated by the Moroccan king
2011, the epic session of the season, photo by http://www.africaextrem.com/