A day At Africa Extrem Surf Camps

Africa Extrem Surf Camps 

How you will spend a day in the surf camp

Africa Extrem Surf camps is an establishement that was founded in 2006 by Younes ARABAB, a local surf travel specialist and an experienced surfer.
A company that offers amazing surfing holidays on the Moroccan coast. Living the dream with this surfing holiday company is just like this !!!

Breakfast looking at the surf on the camp terasse
Breakfast on the terasse
Heading to the surf in Africa Extrem Surf Camps in our surf mobiles
http://www.africaextrem.com/ clients ready to hit the surf

Surf lesson on the beach with our qualified experienced multilingual and experienced surf coaches
before to start the lesson

Surfing epic waves with our surf guides along our amazing coast line
one of the many surf spots that the surf guides visit on the best of each spot

Nourishing dinner with our team in or out in the village to explore the only moment of social life out side the camp as everybody head off to hang out in camps or sleep since no bars or pubs in Taghazout
Dinner at la paix restaurant when not in the camp

 Hang out outside when weather is great (most of the time)
Bring your own beer hang out at the camp